Salman's father says Sallu-Kat tied the knot?

Salman Khan's father Salim Khan has been quoted as saying that his 44years son Salman Khan is married to his long time girlfriend Katrina Kaif. This interesting piece of news has been carried by Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna. When the news took an ugly turn, Salim Khan denied making any such wrong statement and said he has been misquoted. The news came as a blow for Katrina whose career is flying high and publishing such wrong news when she is in the peak of her career affects her a lot.

Annoyed Katrina bursts over the newspaper and said, "I definitely think that Saamna should issue a clarification if not an apology because it's not a small thing. It's not the news of a movie or some endorsement that one has signed. It's a big think to make a mistake about somebody's life like this. And I think a clarification is a must because I know for a fact that Salim sahab has definitely not said anything and one should be careful while reporting for such a major newspaper and while writing articles,"

"People who read Saamna are regulars so when they open the paper tomorrow, there should be a clarification in the paper. They should say that they were misinformed or the misprinted and that's it. I think the matter should be ended then and there," she further stated.