Sajid Khan out of 'Housefull 3'

With Himmatwala tanking at the box office, Sajid Khan has vanished without a trace. All the tall claims which were made by Sajid Khan before the release of Himmatwala backfired and apparently, he has been extremely upset. He has gone into a shell after having a fight with almost everyone around him.

Sajid Khan was extremely confident of his film and he had extremely high hopes from it. He was hoping that this film will break all his previous records. But the movie received extremely bad reviews and most industry folks confidence in him has been shaken.

It is being reported that Sajid Khan may not direct Housefull 3 at all. The previous 2 installments were directed By Sajid Khan and they both did extremely well at the box office. However, Sajid Nadiadwala is not keen to have Sajid Khan on board this time around.

Apparently, he has also irked Akshay Kumar his time around. Akshay Kumar was his star in all his other previous films, yet he retorted in the most unlikely manner. He was asked about his decision to not work with newcomers, Sajid Khan was heard saying, “Housefull 21 and Housefull 2, sort of, got Akshay out of a bad patch of six to seven flop films. He had a run of six to seven flop films, after which ‘Housefull’ became the first big grosser in 2010. Then again, he had a patch of six to seven films. Then again, it was Housefull 2.”

This did not go down too well with Akshay Kumar and he has apparently decided to never work with Sajid Khan again. He has reportedly broken all personal and professional ties with Sajid Khan. Akshay personally called Sajid and let him know how he felt about his comments. Akshay Kumar's friend was heard saying, “Akshay is very angry and has told his buddies about it. Even filmmakers like Karan Johar, Rajkumar Hirani and Farhan Akhtar don`t pass such remarks. Like every other actor, Akshay has had his share of highs and lows. More significantly, he is on a firm footing right now.”

Sajid Nadiadwala will not spoil his relationship with Akshay Kumar for Sajid Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala considers Akshay as family, and would not go against him. When Sajid Nadiadwala heard about his entire conversation, he decided to not have Sajid Khan on board for this installment. However, no official announcement has been made.