Sajid Khan and His Habit of Controversial Comments

Recently in an interview director Sajid Khan accepted that his big project ‘Himmatwala’ failed because of his own arrogance. He told reporters, “You are looking at two different people now. Earlier, I was fat, arrogant and stupid and making tall claims and that is why ‘Himmatwala’ faced mediclaim! Thank god ‘Himmatwala’ failed.” But just when you thought that Sajid has mended his way of making comments with arrogant tone, he did it again. On the eve of the release of his new film ‘Humshakals/' title='Humshakals' class='' data-id='humshakals' id='article_tag_data_humshakals' style='display: inline-block;'>Humshakals’, he made some comments on his ex-girlfriend, Jacqueline Fernandez. Despite his string of Box office hits, Sajid has made a bad name for himself by making arrogant remarks.

Sajid once caused controversy after making some rather unflattering comments on veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. Naseer was not impressed with the idea of making a remake of ‘Himmatwala’. When Sajid was asked to give his reaction to this, he said, "I can name 200 films of Naseeruddin Shah which shouldn't have been made in the first place. He has worked in downgrade and C grade cinema…”

Sajid once claimed to rescue the career of Akshay Kumar not once but twice. On a TV show Sajid said, "Housefull 1 and Housefull 2, sort of, got Akshay out of a bad patch of six to seven flop films. He had a run of six to seven flop films, after which Housefull became the first big grosser in 2010. Then again, he had a patch of six to seven films. Then again, it was Housefull 2." Akshay Kumar was far from happy and Sajid’s comment backfired as he was apparently dropped from the franchise.

Sajid once said that his films will never flop. He claimed, “…Cinema is my life. I can never make a flop film because I make films for the audience and not for myself."

After making three hits with Akshay Kumar, Sajid worked with Ajay Devgan in ‘Himmatwala’. True to his nature, he claimed that it is going to be the biggest grosser in Devgan’s career.

Another boastful claim made by Sajid was that the film (‘Himmatwala’) will be so big a hit that people will not get any tickets for three days due to high demand.

 In his most recent exploit Sajid said that a man is able to work with more focus if there is no woman in his life alluding to his break up with Jacqueline Fernandez. He said, “…when you don’t have a woman in your life, you don’t have someone constantly nagging you, so you end up working better and are more focused.”