Saifeena ignores Vivek Oberoi

Saif and Kareena are the hottest Bollywood couple and for long directors were waiting to lift up their sizzling chemistry. Finally, director Rensil D’Silva got the opportunity and he shot a sizzling hot bed scene with the couple. The first look as well as the promo showed the pair in topless and making love. As the promo of ‘Kurbaan’ is on, the response seems to be fabulous. By showcasing, Saif and Kareena’s sizzling chemistry, the film has gathered enormous popularity. One could hardly spot Vivek Oberoi in the promo who is also playing a crucial role in the film.

Director Rensil D’Silva has made full use of the off-screen chemistry of the couple on screen, giving no hint that Vivek too portrays an important role.

Vivek accepted the ignorance and did not utter a word. He has really worked hard for his comeback but finally did not get notice. During the film shoot, he spoke about the film but with the release of the promo, he shut his mouth.