Saif won Rosa's heart by cheating

Rosa Catalona and Saif Ali Khan at IIFA 2006Rosa Catalona the ex of Saif has finally come open about her three years relationship with Saif Ali Khan. Her revelation about Saif was shocking and a clear indication that he won over her heart by cheating without letting her know that he was married and had two kids. Rosa came to know about his family only when she came to India and started living with him.

Rosa was quoted as saying, "We met on a show when he was in Kenya and love just happened to us. Well, slowly, I got to know many things. I had no idea he was married when I met him. And when I came to India, he was living somewhere else and was divorced. It was strange to know that he was married with kids but the children are amazing. God bless them."

Rosa and Saif drifted apart mutually without any major issue. She further claimed that Kareena was not the reason of their break-up instead she came into the picture when everything just ended up.