Saif upset with Soha for showing body

Saif Ali Khan in RaceBig Brother Saif is upset over sister Soha’s exposure for Maxim. He does not display in public as how much he cares for her but he certainly does. He keeps a tab on his little sister and make sure that she does not go in any wrong direction. Recently when she starred for Maxim photo shoot in a sexy way without his knowledge, he turned furious. He came to know about the fact only when the magazine which sold like a hot cakes in the market happen to fall in his hand.

On seeing, Soha’s sexy poses in the Maxim cover, Saif not only refused to talk to her but promised that he would not never ever set eyes on her. Red hot Saif calmed down only when mother Sharmila intervene on the affair and informed him that Soha was not impressed with the idea and she was forced to pose in such a sensuous way. Saif trusts his sister a lot and forgave her. He took the responsibility of shaping her career and zeroed a project in which Soha would play the prime character.