Saif to remove 'Kareena' tattoo

Kareena Kapoor is very upset these days as her beau Saif Ali Khan will soon remove ‘Kareena’ tattoo from his wrist. Saif inked the tattoo in his hand when his love for Bebo was at the peak. Though laser treatment, he is going to eliminate the tattoo from his wrist. It is believed that when Bebo learnt about Saif’s decision, she moved into tears.

Saif’s tattoo was very evident and he never tried to hide it even during his film shoots. He feels that it is a symbol of love and that he would never get rid of it. Now the question that arises is what went wrong with Saif that he all of a sudden decided to get rid of the tattoo.

It is also heard that Saif Ali Khan has found a new love and so he is going to eradicate ‘Kareena’ tattoo.

Well, only time will tell what is the real reason?