Saif talks about his sex life with Kareena, daughter Sara closes ears

The father-daughter duo Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan sip ‘Koffee with Karan’ and the doting father opened about his sex life with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan which made his daughter feel really uncomfortable. Both Sara and Saif twinned in black.

When Karan discussed with Saif about how Kareena has made the gym looks sexy in Bollywood. Saif replies, “And I get a close up look at it in the bedroom before the departure.”

Listening to her father, Sara felt ashamed and she closes her ears with her hands.

“You check her out before she goes?” Karan questions Saif and he replies, “Yes of course, coming and going”. Karan Johar almost spit out his coffee on hearing him.

The host then asked Saif what he would ask any prospective boyfriend of Sara. “Political views, drugs”. As Saif says Karan interrupts him, “Money would be a nice question to ask. I would ask that.” Quickly responding, Saif says, “Got cash? Take her.” “That sounds so bad!” Sara exclaims at her father’s response.

Karan also asks Sara who she would like to marry or date in Bollywood.?She says she would like to marry Ranbir Kapoor but date Kartik Aaryan. “Has he got money?” Saif asks her. “You got money, you can take her,” he adds as Sara screams, “You have to stop saying that! It’s wrong."