Saif still in touch with Rosa

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Saawariya premiereHow loyal is Saif towards Kareena? Yes, this has become a million dollar question today after it is reported that Saif is still in touch with his ex girlfriend Rosa even though he is deeply involved with Kareena Kapoor. On Rosa’s birthday, Saif kept her calling frequently as if he felt sorry for not being with her on this special day and so he tried to give his company on phone.

Rosa spent her birthday attending public events and later on she went to a restaurant at Bandra to treat her friends. A person close to Rosa informed that during her birthday she was flooded with calls from Saif. She laughed and giggled while chatting. Their every conversation extended to about 10 minutes and it was a light-hearted talk. Rosa seemed quite happy and thrilled to get calls from Saif. Even when she was having dinner, she was busy attending his calls and entertained him at best.

The entire picture seems to be quite hazy. It is still unclear how serious Saif is for Kareena even after inking her name on his arm. Whether, Kareena is one among his ex girlfriends with whom he just move around for time pass and discard them when he is bored? Let’s wait and watch.