Saif gives five days to Bebo, two days to kids

Saif Ali Khan is having a tough time in dividing time between Bebo and his two children, Sara and Ibrahim. In distributing time, he becomes little cruel as he gives five days to Kareena Kapoor and two days to his children.

But Saif tries to keep both the parties happy by spending quality time with all three of them. When Sara and Ibrahim visits Saif, Kareena gets herself engrossed in household chores, reading scripts or other assignments and gives chance to the kids to be with their daddy. While Bebo becomes busy in other works, Saif does full masti with them.

If Sara loves watching films with her friends and long chat with dad than Ibrahim who has just learnt to send SMS loves sending SMS to his daddy. It reads, “Hi Dude” (He calls Saif by dude).

Saif is very protective of his children and he preferred to spend time with them at home rather on the set. He doesn’t like his children hanging around the set and come to the limelight at so early stage.