Saif’s out of ‘No Smoking’ while Bips and John do item number

Now that John Abraham is back in town after his shooting stint down South for Aashayein, sources claim that he and Bipasha Basu are trying to work things out. Bips too it seems is trying to maintain the peace status with John for right now. Perhaps Bipasha too has decided to give their relationship a last effort. Sources claim that despite rumours of John and Bips’s split , the two were spotted recently at a suburban restaurant and also home-cooked food from Bipasha’s home continues to be delivered to John’s home or sets. Recently John also expressed that he would be uncomfortable with Saif’s cameo in ‘No Smoking’ of which he is the lead and hence sources claim Bipasha requested Saif to opt out of the cameo for ‘No Smoking’.
Sometime back producer of ‘No Smoking’, Kumar Mangat had reportedly claimed that Saif would do a cameo in his film. The film stars John Abraham and Ayesha Takia in the lead and has been directed by Anurag Kashyap. However after Bipasha was linked with Saif, John felt that he would be uncomfortable with the latter and hence discussed it with Bips. Both John and Bips decided that it would be better if Saif was not a part of ‘No Smoking’. Hence Saif opted out of the cameo reportedly due to Bips’s request. But Bipasha will still do a sizzling item number along with John for the film. No doubt John hopes that doing the item number together will help to bring him and Bips closer. Producer Kumar Mangat confirms this saying “We have a very happening item number planned with John and Bipasha and no Saif is not in the film.” The two are still to shoot the song, so, so let’s wait and watch what happens.

Meanwhile Bips recently faced the media head on when she appeared at an event for launching a game. The media here too were however more interested in her personal life and quizzed her about it. Bips was also irritated with speculations that she and John were doing separate shampoo ads for the same brand due to their split . Bips at first maintained that she was not upset with the media for writing these controversies regarding her; however when the personal questions continued she said “Let them say what they like. Mine life is mine alone. I’m answerable only to myself, my family and my close friends. Precious news space shouldn’t be wasted on such trivia. From now on I won’t discuss my private life in print.”