Saif-Kareena bonded over yoga sessions

The Saif-Kareena link up rumors are still going strong, but this doesn’t seem to be affecting either of them anymore as they continue to be spotted in the company of each other. Saif and Kareena have been spending a lot of time with each other. According to sources, both Kareena and Saif first bonded together over yoga sessions. Kareena was into her fitness regime and dedicatedly practiced yoga every morning at 6 am while shooting for Tashan. Saif too decided to join her for the yoga classes and they both regularly practiced their yoga sessions every morning. This began spending more time together and this is what brought them closer. Now Saif too wants to take up yoga regularly.
Meanwhile Saif and Kareena were also spotted in Delhi. Saif and Kareena were in the capital for work but also threw in some fun time. While Saif was at his event he was accompanied by Kareena but she chose to stay away from the limelight while Saif too refrained from commenting on his personal relationship with Kareena. After their events the duo were spotted having dinner with Bebo’s sis Karisma and husband Sanjay. Later Saif and Kareena went out partying with good friend Amrita and her boyfriend.

Aamir launches his new website

Aamir Khan has taken to chatting with his fans on a personal basis very seriously. He loves to interact with his fans and has been doing so for a while now on a blog site. But now Aamir will soon have his own personal website and he will chat with his fans from his personal site which has been customized for him. Aamir often comes online and discusses his forthcoming films with his fans. Aamir will also post the first pics of his forthcoming directorial venture Taarein Zameen Par on his website.

Aamir is curious to know about the first reactions and hence has allotted a prior time when he will come and chat with his fans online. His fans may also be able to get a glimpse of the star when he chats from a computer with a webcam, thus putting to rest any doubts if they are really chatting with the star. Aamir will have a general chat room as well as a personal chat room on his website. So now all you die hard Aamir fans can quickly log on to his website.

Depressed Shahid gets insomnia and takes up smoking

It seems Shahid’s split from Kareena is affecting him quite a bit. While Kareena seems to be getting over the relationship spending time with Saif, Shahid it seems is pretty depressed about the split. Shahid who is a fitness freak and loves to sleep has now become an insomniac. The fitness freak Shahid who is a vegetarian has now also taken up smoking and is often seen puffing away on the sets. Shahid’s friends claim that he is taking the split from Kareena pretty badly and has even cut off from his friends and family, he prefers to be alone.

Even when Shahid heard about his split from Kareena through the media, he was out of the country in Toronto shooting for his film with Vidya Balan. There too Shahid the prankster turned into a loner over night. Vidya tried her best to console the poor actor. She would often chat with him and drag him out on her shopping expeditions. Currently Shahid is keeping himself busy with work and more work.

Bips’s hairstylist refuses to re colour hair due to fear of damage

Bipasha Basu was recently asked to colour her hair jet black for a popular shampoo brand that she endorses. Bips visited her stylist Sapna Bhavani and she did the needful. However it seems later the production house called Bips saying that they had made a mistake and they wanted her to re colour her hair to the original dark brown. However Bips was not ready to go through the trying process again.

Moreover Bips stylist Sapna too refused to re colour her hair in a matter of three hours as this would definitely leave the actress’s hair damaged. Both Bips and her stylist managed to convince the production house to let her go with the jet black look for the ad. Bips has recently been seen in the sizzling item number with beau John for his film No Smoking. Bips has a number of her own films like Goal and Race also coming up soon.

Rekha’s heartfelt prayers are for Amitabh to find peace

Veteran actress Rekha celebrated her birthday on October 10, just a day prior to old flame Amitabh’s birthday. Much was written about the supposed affair between Rekha and Amitabh years ago, however the two have always chose to maintain a dignified silence on the issue. Since then the two actors have crossed parts at many events but remain distant. However on her birthday for the first time in many years Rekha had a few words to say on Amitabh Bachchan.

Rekha said “If I have anything for him, it’s my heartfelt prayers. I pray that he finds peace, peace and more peace, because nobody deserves it more than him.” Rekha turned 53 yrs but continues to remain as gorgeous as ever. As for celebrations on her birthday, she claims that she never celebrates as she feels that each day is a birthday, a new day. The actress maintains that she does not feel that not having a husband and children has affected her life as she feels that she would not have been able to reach out to all the people that she has helped.