Saif gelled well with Bebo’s mom

As Saif Ali Khan’s family has accepted Kareena Kapoor as their daughter-in-law in the same way Kareena’s family also unofficially accepted Saif as their son-in-law. On April 20, Bebo's mother had celebrated her birthday and both Bebo and Saif made the day memorable for her. They cancelled their trip to NY and made all the arrangements. It was a small affair with only close family members. Saif gelled quite well with Babita and was seen sharing jokes and mimicry with her.

For Kareena, mom is her world and its very little for her to postpone the trip. Kareena said,
"My mom is my world. I'd do anything with her. Postponing mine and Saif's trip to NY was nothing. What did I give my mom? My time and my love. That's all she wants."

Talking about the cozy party, she said,
"It was just family for my Mom. That's the way she likes it. That's the way I wanted it to be. Yes, my dad was there too. And of course Saif. He's very much part of the family."

Both Saif and Bebo has got the blessings of their family and now wait is only of the wedding date.