Saif escaped unhurt

Race Movie Saif Ali Khan WallpaperSaif Ali Khan recently missed getting seriously injured while shooting for a horse riding sequence for his film Race. In the film Saif plays a guy who is well acquainted with horses, naturally there were many scenes in the film where he had to ride a horse. However while shooting for a scene one day, the horse Saif was riding got spooked due to the clapper sound made when the director goes for a take. The horse reared up on his hind legs and almost threw Saif to the ground.  

Saif had many scenes riding the horses on a ranch in South Africa for his film Race as he plays a guy who owns horses in the film. However one day Saif almost missed being injured and thrown off his horse while shooting a horse riding sequence in the film. Director duo Abbas- Mustan confirmed Saif's narrow escape saying "Saif was on the horse and had to ride on it for a bit. But when the clapper boy clapped for the scene, the sound of the clap really scared the horse. It reacted very wildly by lifting both his legs in mid-air and going berserk. But thankfully Saif had some know how about riding and he escaped unhurt." Well since Saif's father is a great fan of horse riding, perhaps our Chhote Nawab picked up a tip or two from daddy dearest.  

Saif had many scenes with the horses in the film and hence the ranch owner advised him to befriend the horses if he wanted to ride them. Saif then began feeding the horses a few carrots in the morning and going along for short walks with them in order to befriend them. Saif spent almost ten days befriending the horses, however it seems like the effort was worth it after all as Saif was able to manage the horses better.