Saif drops in to meet Bipasha while she shoots shampoo ad

Gossip may abound about Saif and Bipasha Basu seeing each other, but the two seem to care a dam and continue to be spotted around town in each other’s company. Recently Bips has been controversy’s child and there have been rumours that she and long time boyfriend John Abraham have split. Saif and Bips have been spotted together earlier too dining at a restaurant and even working out together. Recently Bips was shooting for a shampoo commercial sans John and Saif dropped in to meet her.
Bips was shooting for the shampoo commercial that both she and John have endorsed together as a couple in the past. However this time Bips was shooting the commercial without John and instead with model Hemant Shivdasani. The shooting was being held at night and a little while later Saif casually dropped in to bond with Bips and then hung around for a while. A source claims “Saif dropped in for a while and hung around with Bips while she was shooting. It was quite surprising to see Saif on the sets. After hanging around for a while Saif left the sets, but again later he joined Bipasha and her friends at a nightspot after the shoot was completed”.

The model who worked with Bips on the shampoo commercial was extremely excited and said “Working with Bipasha was a great experience.” However the model refused to comment on whether Saif had dropped by on the sets.