Saif defends Bebo from evils

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena KapoorThough Chotte Nawab seems modern and rational outwardly, he is superstitious at heart. He is completely ga-ga over Kareena and cannot tolerate slightest of evil come on her sweet heart’s way. To save her from bad vides, Saif gifted Kareena an ornate gold locket that is engraved with an Arabic saying, meaning no bad ambiance may pass Bebo’s path.

Whereas, Bebo makes sure that she never parts away from the locket in any circumstances and seen wearing it in shooting or at any award performances. She is totally impressed with Saiffu’s over possessiveness about her and honored his feelings. Undoubtedly, Saif has filled up Bebo’s kitty with costliest items of the world but the ornate locket is priceless as it signifies his love and caring for her.

Bebo squashes off the rumor that Saif is getting onto her nerves and instead revealed that she is enjoying every attention from Saif. She further declared that their love is on the air and they are enjoying life to the fullest.