Saif continues to kiss Kareena

A lip-lock always works wondrous as it appeals audience. Bollywood has witnessed many smooches but a special kiss is coming up which is expected to create history. This most awaited kiss is between real life couple, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Their kiss is said to be the longest lip-lock in Bollywood. Saif continues to kiss Kareena and the kiss seems to be never ending. It is one of the special attractions of the film.

Director Rensil D’Silva wanted to hold before the audience the real love of lovers in reel. He feels that certain section of the sex-starved audience will come to the theatre just to see Saif and Kareena making love in bed. Rensil also quoted, "A section of the audience might have decided to see this movie only to see the real-life couple making hot shot on the silver screen. It would be tragic."

Saif and Kareena’s steamy love making scene is one of its kind.