Saif can’t wait for 3 yrs to marry Bebo

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena KapoorIf one recalls, Saif and Kareena once declared that they would get married only after three or four years as they are in the blooming stage of their career. But listening to Saif’s statement, it is quite understandable that he can’t wait so long to get Bebo and wishes to tie the knot with her as soon as possible. He was quoted as saying, "People may be hearing an announcement from us very soon. If I had my way I’d marry her today, right here in London, where she’s joined me."  
Saif respects his first relationship with Amrita and he holds his first wife and two kids Sara and Ibrahim in a high position. He further says, "With due respects to the other relationships in my life, after Amrita and my kids, this is the most important relationship I’ve had. And I’m ready to make it legal.

Saif never misses a single chance to be with his ladylove and flew off to Amsterdam to watch Kareena performing for Shahrukh’s Temptation Reloaded.