Saif, Bebo pull huge crowd at India Gate

When your favorite stars are shooing near you, how can you resist your temptation of not giving them a glance? And when the stars are like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, your exciting will be undoubtedly double. Last week, when the sizzling duo was shooting for Rensil D’Silva’s untitled film at Rajpath and India Gate, a huge crowd gathered at the location thereby creating immense trouble to start shooting. The administration even failed to bring the crowd under control and they screamed when they saw Saif and Bebo. But the crowd was not unruly; they understood the importance of the situation and allowed them to shoot. 

Saif says, "It's a public place and there are bound to be people. The crowds were very well behaved and treated us with respect. I love shooting in Delhi as it has great hotels and great food. One can work in the day and relax at night. Delhi is a great place to stay for a short while." While Kareena adds, "Shooting in Delhi was nice but hectic and crowded with so many people consisting of the fans and paparazzi following us around." Producer Karan Johar says, "A big crowd had collected at India Gate and Rajpath but eventually, we managed to complete the shoot. We had the required permits and adequate security who handled the situation extremely well. The shooting was bang in the middle of Rajpath but everything was well managed."