Saif avoids ex-flame Rozza

Saif Ali Khan in Omkara press conferenceChotte Nawab is very concerned about Kareena Kapoor and is taking care that his slightest careless move does not hurt her in any way. So he has preferred to be a special guest in a reality show when his ex flame Rozza Catalona is out.

Saif knows very best that if he judge Rozza’s show then Bebo will be hurt and so he very wittily avoided Rozza. For him Rozza is his past and Kareena is his present and future. They are heading towards marriage and so, to avoid any sort of confusion, he is taking every step very carefully. He attended the show when Rozza, who was one of the contestants, was out. Saif had a live-in relationship with her for a year but after meeting Kareena, he dumped Rozza.

It was very recent that Saif had cut off his relationship totally with Rozza because few days back on her birthday; he called her up after every regular interval and talked to her for a long time. Listening to their conversation, one could easily make out that they were very comfortable and still cared for each other. But today the scenario is absolutely different; Saif stays away from her in all possible ways.