Saif and Kareena’s wedding twist

The hot and sexy Kareena Kapoor is a fashion icon and onscreen diva. Now she is all set to don the new role of a lovely wife. Well, it seems Bebo has been waiting for this role for quite a long time now. Tinsel town and movie fans are waiting patiently for Saif and Kareena to tie the knot.  The duo is even affectionately called ‘Saifina’, taking a cue from each of their names.

The couple has been in love for a long time and incidentally they never hid it from the media and declared it openly. The fancy of the nation caught fire as the news of them living together poured in. Therefore, the expectation about the culmination of this real life love story in a fairy tale wedding is extremely high. We all love a happy ending in reel or real life.

Unfortunately the wedding has faced quite a few setbacks earlier and finally it was set to occur sometime in October this year. Saif’s recent statement to the media that the marriage is rescheduled to happen later this year surprised all. Once again the marriage date is delayed and the exact date is not even discussed yet.

According to the grapevines of the tinsel town, the wedding venue is getting planned to be scheduled outside of Pataudi, India. This is done to avoid the media attention and hoopla surrounding a celebrity marriage in India. A close source supported the view and quoted as “The reason could be that the family wants to avoid media frenzy that happens around most celebrity weddings in the country. The entire Pataudi family will be going to Bhopal next week and that is when the exact venue and date will be decided.”

Saif Ali Khan’s mother, Sharmila Tagore was heard to state that the wedding venue may shift out of India and London is the proffered destination. The reason for this decision is Saif’s desire to have a quite wedding. Another source adds that “Saif cannot decide who to invite and who to leave out from the guest list. So, he wants to head to London.”

Whatever might be the case, no news are forthcoming about the event. Soha (sister of Saif) was pretty enthusiastic about the wedding and used to write about it in social networking sites but now days she is maintaining silence. Bebo’s spoke person said “We will announce to the whole world when the wedding takes place.”