Saif and Kareena keen to endorse products together

Saif and Kareena have been going around for a few months now and since both of them have hectic schedules, they are always eager to spend time with each other. The two are currently working together in Yash Raj film Tashan and they are shooting in Greece. Hence they are able to also enjoy some time together with each other. The latest buzz is that the couple is keen to work together in commercials and endorse brands together, so that they can spend maximum time together.
Since Kareena was earlier on an extended break from work, last year she was able to spend maximum time with Saif. She visited him several times while he was shooting in Bangkok and other places for his forthcoming films. But now Kareena too has got back to working and after her hit film Jab We Met, her kitty is gradually filling up as producers and directors are now keen to sign her on. Hence now Kareena and Saif are planning ahead and trying to co-ordinate their schedules. Kareena came up with the idea of doing brand endorsements as a couple so that they can spend maximum time with each other and Saif readily agreed. A source says "Saif and Kareena are like a new couple who want to be together all the time."

While both Saif and Kareena are being selective about the films they do, they will have to consider the script carefully even if they are offered other films together. But they have a wider choice with brand endorsements and hence they have put out feelers that they are ready to endorse good products as a couple. So it seems that Saif-Kareena are going the John-Bipasha way of endorsing brands as a couple. Saif already endorses several brands and Kareena too has recently jumped on the brand endorsement band wagon.