Saif and Bipasha working out together

Saif and Bipasha seem to be taking their buddy relationship even further by now working out at the same gym together. So again there are speculations whether this is just more buddy bonding or something more? Well one thing is for sure that neither Saif nor Bips care about what others have to say about their relationship. Saif earlier worked out at another branch of the same gym, but has recently shifted to the same branch that Bips works out at. So has he shifted to this branch to be with Bips or is it just mere coincidence.
Saif came to the same gym and was seen working out together with Bipasha. A gym spokesperson claims “Saif was earlier at our Andheri branch but recently he shifted to the Bandra branch. That day Bipasha was working out at the gym, when Saif dropped in. He was around for some time and worked out with her.” Last week Bips and Saif were seen chilling out together at a night spot and seemed unconcerned about wagging tongues. Despite all the rumours of a budding romance between Saif and Bips they continue to be spotted together. Meanwhile John who gave long interviews shouting out that there was no split between him and Bips, seems to be completely out of the picture right now as he is away on a shooting schedule for his film.

Bips meanwhile is all geared up for hosting the Seven Wonders of the World in Lisbon alongside Ben Kingsley. The actress will be wearing contact lenses for the first time as she is short sighted, but she claims that she has still not got used to the idea of wearing the contacts and her eyes seem to be constantly watering. Post the event though; Bips plans to do a laser surgery to treat her eye problem. She is nervous as well as excited to host the event in front of international and renowned audiences.