Saif Ali Khan will not be doing Qurbani remake

Saif Ali Khan seems to be very busy these days. After citing date problems for not doing Mani Ratnam’s ‘Guru’, he has now decided to opt out of Feroz Khan’s remake of ‘Qurbani’. The actor has once again cited date problems as the reason for not doing the film. Saif Ali Khan was supposed to play the character of Vinod Khanna in the film. Feroz Khan will direct the film with himself in a part and with son Fardeen Khan in the lead role.
Saif Ali Khan does not have dates to accommodate the film during this year and hence decided to part ways amicably with Feroz Khan. A representative for Fardeen Khan, Raamkumar Tiwari says “Yes, it’s true that Saif is no longer doing the film. Saif had dates only after May 2007 and Khan Saab wants to begin the film this year itself. So they decided that it was in the interest of both to part amicably. However, Khan saab and Saif have expressed a desire to work together in the future.” Now Feroz Khan will have to look out for an actor who will play the role of Vinod Khanna’s character.

Son Fardeen Khan will play the role acted by Feroz in the original version and Feroz Khan will play the part earlier enacted by the late Amjad Khan who was the inspector in the film. Feroz Khan has earlier too acted in movies made by himself. The actress who will play Zeenat Aman’s role has not yet been decided. The name ‘Qurbani’ means sacrifice. The story revolves around two men who are friends and a woman whom they both fall in love with. The story is a love triangle where one man sacrifices his life for the cause of friendship and love.

Saif Ali Khan seems to be refusing a number of projects that have two or more actors; in fact it seems the actor does not want to be overshadowed by a more prominent co-star and also by someone who may have a meatier role than his. In a time where multi-starrers are the order of the day and when most producers and directors are opting for multi-starrer projects, is this a wise move on Saif’s part? But then again considering that this particular film had Fardeen Khan, son of director Feroz playing the lead, perhaps Saif felt that he would not be given due credit as second fiddle.

Saif Ali Khan has just started making a name for himself and hence he should tread cautiously along his chosen path.