Saif Ali Khan upset with girlfriend Rosa

The Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan seems to be making his presence felt everywhere be it in his films, advertisements and even the recent IIFA event held at Dubai. Saif received due appreciation for his performance at the IIFA which paid a tribute to yesteryear actor Rishi Kapoor. Saif has also recently been seen alongside girlfriend Rosa in an advertisement. The beautiful Italian model Rosa has been offered quite a few ad films; unfortunately Saif does not seem too happy about his sweetheart getting involved in the glam industry.
Saif and Rosa have been in a relationship for the past two years, and Rosa has always accompanied the dashing Khan during most of his shooting schedules and also for awards and parties. At first Rosa was merely happy to accompany and stand by her man, but later when producers and directors started noticing the beautiful Italian lass and offering her ads, she was no longer complacent to just sit on the outskirts. Rosa wants to be in the thick of action and is quite dazzled by the glam industry in Indian Cinema.

According to sources, Saif does not want Rosa to do any ads or get involved with bollywood in any way, as he is insecure. It is said that though Saif appears modern and liberal in his thoughts, he is against his woman pursuing a career, especially in the film world. However Rosa seems in no mood to comply and is quite interested in being a part of bollywood. Rosa has been offered ads for several skincare and luxury products.

Saif was earlier married to actress Amrita Singh for 14 years, before they divorced and he has two children Sara and Ibrahim from his previous marriage. Amrita Singh was at the top of her acting career in bollywood before she chucked it all for marriage to Saif. However since her divorce she has got back into acting. Sometime back Saif had even claimed that he wants to marry Rosa and the actors children are already well acquainted with his Italian girlfriend. Saif and Rosa have also been on the look out for a new house.

Whether the strong headed Rosa bows down to the Chote Nawab and his wishes remains to be seen? Will the couple get over this rough patch or head for splitsville like most bollywood couples, remains to be seen?