Saif Ali Khan talks about the changes in his life

Saif Ali Khan recently got married to Kareena Kapoor and thus it is obvious that she has brought about some healthy changes into the life of this ‘nawab’. Despite his royal lineage Saif has always considered himself as an actor before anything else. His last film “Cocktail” had been successful and his next film is “Race 2” which is already garnering a lot of attention.

He is now being seen onscreen even more, so when asked about this he revealed, “There are no rules in showbiz. Even if you don't work for a year, it's fine as long as you know your job. Earlier, we used to feel that if you didn't do a certain amount of work within a stipulated time frame, it's wrong. But then, you realize there need not be any fixed pattern. I took almost a 10-month sabbatical of sorts, because I had to sort things out in my personal life. I was more interested in that side of my life then. Now, I will do at least three movies a year.”

He seems to be very content with his personal life. When asked if Kareena has something to do with this change he said, “No and yes. Personally, she gives me that sense of well-being.”

His sense of work has changed considerably as now he seems to be working with different filmmakers. To this he divulged “Again, not entirely true. But yes, I have come to respect and trust the people I work with. It is great to go out and meet various people and work with them. This year, I intend to leave myself in the hands of filmmakers I trust. If I like the script, I don't want to ask any further questions. This process is peaceful for me and for those who are making the film.”

Speaking about his healthy diet he said, “I'm the Nawab with a Spartan diet. A few years ago, I could put away a few rotis and knock down a couple of drinks without being too conscious. Now, I enjoy the one piece of bread that I eat. I eat it very slowly and have learnt to relish it. I've practically quit smoking and drinking.”

When asked about the fee hike he said, “Acting can give you a lot more than what share-market and telecom business can. This hundred per cent jump in showbiz is absent even in realty business. The cinema halls are growing. We are making more hits than we have in years. For once, our writers and directors are more in sync with the audience. Since we have delivered hit after hit, everyone's prices have doubled. It is a wonderful time to be working in films. It is making me feel that I should respect my profession more.”