Saif Ali Khan spill the beans about having child with Kareena

After Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s marriage, the common question that followed the couple is having a child and even today, the duo is not set free and have to answer this question time and again in various events. Soon after Saifeena’s wedding, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy rumor occupied many gossip columns, whenever the begum is spotted with loose attire, it is speculated that some good news is awaited. Not once or twice, couple of time Kareena Kapoor Khan had to face the question of embracing motherhood but every time, she denied. Whenever media popped the question to Kareena, she had the same answer, i.e ‘No’. This time Saif Ali Khan was questioned about his plan of having child with wife Kareena.

While speaking to HT, Saif Ali Khan spoke in length about his latest release, ‘Bullet Raja’, his work schedule, his choice of outfits and most importantly about having child with wife Kareena Kapoor.

When the Nawab was asked about his plan of having kid with Kareena, Saif candidly replied, “I already have two kids! Right now we are very involved with our own lives. Having children is about being selfless, we don’t have the time for that right now”.

Saif Ali Khan has two children, Sara and Ibrahim from his first wife Amrita Singh and when the actor was asked what kind of father he is to his two children, Saif said, “You know the answers to those (questions) are very long-winded and can’t be summed up in one line. All I can say is that they are wonderful children and I am honoured to be their father”.

Speaking about his performance in ‘Bullet Raja’, the actor said, My most embarrassing one would be — and you must report how quickly I answered this one — any time during my stint in the ’90s — from Bambai Ka Babu, to Parampara. I didn’t have a glorious debut and a very slow learning process”.

When asked how much disciplined person he is, the Nawab replied, “I usually get up at 7:30 am, go to the gym and start shooting on the sets by 9. Once in a while you can skip that. But I like to finish work by 6 or 7 pm because I like to unwind and refresh. I find 9-to-9 a slightly scary shift”.