Saif Ali Khan runs into legal trouble for illegal parking

Saif Ali Khan ran into legal trouble with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday for parking his vanity van near St. Xavier’s campus in Parel and installing a tent for the shooting without the prior permission of the BMC. BMC told that they will take action against the actor for the illegal parking.
The corporation has asked Khan to shift his van from the St. Xavier’s campus.

Assistant municipal commissioner Vishwas Mote said that the actor had parked his vanity van and other vehicles without taking permission from the BMC. “He and his team were shooting on private property but had parked the vehicles on St Xavier’s grounds. Though they had taken permission from the police and traffic police, they did not make any application to us,” he said.

Khan has taken permission from Mumbai police to shoot for his upcoming film but he did not take permission from the BMC. The property is under the jurisdiction of BMC.
BMC asked the team to clear that spot, despite of all the objections the shooting was held. Later, BMC removed the tent and vanity van from the St. Xavier’s campus.
Mote added that the vehicles were removed after the civic officials reached the site. “The team said they would file an application now. We will charge them a penalty and then give them permission. We have also submitted a written complaint to the Bhoiwada police,” he said.

BMC told Khan that he will be fined for not abiding the law. Currently, the actor is shooting for 'Chef'.