Saif Ali Khan is still optimistic about marriage

In spite of his divorce from ex-wife Amrita Singh after ten years of marriage actor Saif Ali Khan is still optimistic about the institution of marriage. Saif Ali Khan says “I can marry anytime…it could be tomorrow or after five years. But I do see it happening, I still believe in love and marriage.” Saif totally dismisses the rumours of Rosa.html> trouble between him and Italian girlfriend Rosa as part of the cons of being an actor in bollywood.
Saif claims that every couple has their ups and downs, but in bollywood every small disagreement between a couple is blown out of proportion. Saif says “What’s important and what keeps us together is that even though we think differently, we think towards the same goal.” Saif claims that his family including his kids have already accepted Rosa as part of their lives. Regarding the controversy about him interfering in Rosa’s career, Saif clears the air stating that Rosa makes her own decisions and that although he gives his opinions, he in no way interferes with her final decision-making. Further Saif claims that in no way was he responsible for getting Rosa a part in the commercial, in fact it was the agency that wanted him and Rosa to do the commercial together .

Saif says “I think Rosa wants to act for pocket money, I don’t think her heart is in it. I doubt she will pursue a career as a model or as an actress.” Rosa has also watched nearly all of Saif’s recent films from Hum Tum to Being Cyrus. Rosa has appreciated Saif’s performance in Parineeta because of the costumes and old world feel to it. At this point in his life Saif’s priorities are his kids, family and Rosa and he wants to spend maximum time with them.

Saif is happy with the kind of films that he is currently doing. He is keenly awaiting the release of his film Omkara where he plays a character with negative shades He plays the uncouth character Langda Tyagi in the film Omkara and he often indulges in such challenging roles in order to satisfy his hunger as an actor. Saif says “Films like Ek Haseena Thi, Parineeta and Being Cyrus established my range as an actor but similarly I have done the Yash Raj type of films which are not everybody’s type of cinema. So I think I have struck a balance between art and commercial cinema.”

Saif confirms that he has hiked his price after Hum Tum, but claims that it is only because of his box-office success. He says “Playing a hero requires focus and if you are demanding such focus then you ought to pay for it.” Finally Saif does not have any regrets about the way things have turned out. He says “I think I am more content now than I ever was.”