Saif Ali Khan is single and definitely mingling

One expects that Saif Ali Khan would be nursing a broken heart what with his recent break-up with long time girlfriend Rosa. However now that the actor is single, he definitely seems to be making the most of his single status and certainly enjoying all the female attention that he is getting. Saif is not nursing a broken heart any more but is happy mingling around with some beautiful women. Recently the actor was allegedly linked with hottie Bipasha Basu.
Saif and Bipasha have shot together out of the country on a shooting schedule for their upcoming film Race together. They developed a bond and have been spotted together several times. Saif was also supposedly seen befriending the beautiful Miss Yana Gupta and trying to help her out when she was in a tight spot at an event. Well Saif is single ladies….so no wonders he’s busy mingling and no doubt he’s enjoying it.

Abhishek Bachchan doesn’t feel different after marrying Ash

It’s been two months since Abhishek and Aishwarya tied the knot in total filmi style. The couple enjoyed their honeymoon around Europe and made several family, public appearances too. Ash, Abhi were seen at Cannes Film festival and later they also attended Iifa 2007 at Yorkshire along with dad Amitabh Bachchan. Ash, Abhi and Amitabh are slated to do a world tour some time next year and soon they will also start their first family film together, Sarkar 2. However Abhi claims marriage has not changed him and says “It’s too early to feel the change, give me some time. It’s not like Ash is waiting for me when I get back home….Ash is working too, you know.”

Abhi also adds “I am looking forward to working with my wife. She is a wonderful co-star.” Recently both Ash and Abhi were extremely excited at the premiere of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom as it is Abhi’s first release after marriage. Both husband and wife were seen fooling around and kept throwing coins at the screen which seemed to disturb the other guests who were not amused by the Bachchan couple’s childish antics.

Emraan Hashmi may get to schmooze bong beauty Bipasha Basu on-screen

The Bhatts introduced actress Bipasha Basu to bollywood and she is known to have a few hits, Jism and Raaz with their banner. Now the Bhatts are planning a sequel to their hit film Raaz with none other than their blue-eyed boy Emraan Hashmi. Bips who was seen in the original film has approached the Bhatts and said that she would be interested in doing the sequel to Raaz. Bips who earlier on was not too keen on working with Emraan Hashmi as she felt they would not share good chemistry on-screen and as he was shorter than her has agreed to work with him now.

Well Bhatt films are known for their steamy scenes and Emraan’s famous on-screen smooches with his female co-stars. So will Emraan and Bips sizzle the screen with an on-screen kiss? Will their on-screen chemistry work like it had for John and Bips in Jism? Time will tell.

Uday Chopra and Tanisha all set to tie the knot

Even as widespread rumours of an engagement continue regarding the elder Chopra son Aditya and actress Rani Mukherjee, it seems younger bro Uday Chopra too has hopped onto the marriage bandwagon. Sources claim that Uday Chopra and Tanisha may soon be ready to tie the knot after dating each other for around two years. A source says “Uday and Tanisha have made up their minds about marriage. Their families have given an assent to the wedding and the dates will be shortly decided.”

Uday Chopra, younger son of Yash Chopra has done a few films; unfortunately his career is still to take off. Tanisha too has a few flop films to her name and a relationship between the couple developed after they did the film ‘Neal n Nikki’ together. The film was a flop but the two stars became friends and gradually began dating each other. Tanisha is Kajol’s younger sister and she too is awaiting that one elusive hit film to make her mark in bollywood. Ironically the two lovebirds were prompted into making the decision to tie the knot after older sis Kajol ribbed them that it was about time they started thinking about marriage.

Upen Patel and Tabu cosying up at a nightclub

Upen Patel is known to have a way with the girls in town, but it seems like he can turn on the charm even for the veteran and older ladies in tinsel town. Recently sources claim that Upen Patel was seen flirting around with Tabu at a night spot. Upen was enjoying a night out with his friends while Tabu had come in separately. However the two got chatting being from the same industry and soon were looking pretty comfortable and cozy with each other.

In fact sources claim Upen and Tabu were actually kissing each other with abandon and without a care about onlookers. A source claims “It wasn’t a random kiss; they seemed to be quite into each other.” Well this couple definitely makes for an unusual one, but hey in bollywood there are no surprises!