Saif Ali Khan asks for remuneration to attend charity event

In this article, posted on Bollywood Mantra on November 6, 2006, we stated that Saif Ali Khan asked for remuneration to attend a charity event. Along with the article, we posted a direct quote by Munish Arora, MD of Can and Able Events Private Ltd in which he stated that Mr. Saif Ali Khan Pataudi had asked for money to attend the charity event. We would like to retract this particular article because the quote used in the article was not double checked by our correspondence. However, we still stand by the issue that Mr. Saif Ali Khan is unable to attend the event due to "his non-availability on the given date" and "he showed his inability to join in for the event but showed inclination to come at a later date, if required," says Munish Arora.

We regret any inconvenience that may have caused to Mr. Saif Ali Khan Pataudi due to this article.