Saif Ali Khan apologizes to Sikhs

The Sikh community has raised objection on few sequences of Saif Ali Khan’s maiden production ‘Love Aaj Kal’ opposite Deepika Padukone and two days before the film release Saif Ali Khan paid a visit to Gurudwara, seeks the blessing of the Sikh Guru and later attended a press conference where he spoke out to the media about the three loopholes of the film and even apologized the Sikh community for hurting their sentiments.

To honor their demand, 15 seconds of the film will be cut. Saif apologizes for the trimmed beard and edited the scene where it was shown how a Sardar wooed a girl at the Gurudwara. "The board had a problem with the film, which was legitimate, Gurudwara is a place of worship and we should not be disrespect that. Even though my film did not try to disrespect, we will edit the sequence," said Saif.

This is not the first time that any film is facing objection but earlier too films like Singh is Kinng and Jo Bole So Nihaal had run into trouble. Now the Punjab Cultural and Heritage Board declared that this is the last time they are accepting any apology and would not an accept any excuse further from any Bollywood fraternity.

"This is to inform all the people in Bollywood that we will not accept anymore letters henceforth, if you have any problem come and consult the board free of cost, and we will help you portray Sikh characters, this is the last time we are letting a film get away with this," said President of Punjab and cultural Heritage Board, Charan Singh Sapra.

The problem has now been sorted out and the audience can freely catch the first day, first show of ‘Love Aaj Kal’.

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