Saif Ali Khan and Kareena enjoy a relaxed home life

Marrying an understanding person from the same industry has proved to be beneficial for both Saif Ali Khan and Kareena. It seems that though both are super busy, they understand the demands of work and as a result, Saifeena is enjoying a peaceful and fulfilling family life. In a recent interview, Saif said, "It's very relaxed. I have a settled home life. I'm married to someone who understands my need to work and is supportive of my career. It’s all good”.

Kareena too could not stop gushing about her home life in general and hubby in particular. "Being from the same industry, Saif completely understands the pressure that comes with being an actor. He's very encouraging and I am grateful to him for that. And while we never sideline our work, we ensure that we sneak in some 'us time' in the midst of our hectic schedules - be it catching a movie together, a quiet dinner or an impromptu vacation," she says.

From the reports, the couple is enjoying an exemplary home life. Kareena who had married Saif last October, reported "Saif and I are just a regular couple and it's nice to be able to enjoy dinner at our favorite restaurant without light bulbs flashing in our faces constantly." She also expressed her appreciation for the media who were considerate enough to give her some much needed privacy.

Saif and Kareena had shared screen space in Omkara, Tashaan, Kurbaan and Agent Vinod. We are eager to see husband and wife paired with each other and share some of the off screen chemistry. When Saif was asked about working with his wife, he said, "She's a wonderful actor and I have always had a lovely time working with her. I would love to work with her again but we need a good script."

Kareena was not backwards with her praises either. Though she is known for the faultless sense of style and fashion, she revealed that she relies on Saif’s tastes when it comes to what she wears. "I seek approval from my man on how I look and what I should wear. And Saif, with his great taste, gives me some fabulous inputs," she admits.

Saif is now on a roll as his Race 2 did well in the box office. His latest zom-com Go, Goa, Gone is slated to release at the end of this week.