Saif drops his price

Saif Ali Khan who hiked his price like never before post the success of some of his recent films falls from the sky when endorsers are showing least interest to keep him at such an exorbitant price. As the global economic has turned downward, advertisers are now showing more interest to sign in new bees of the industry as they are available at affordable price and has a huge youth appeal than the older guys whose demand is sky high. To satisfy them has been beyond the reach of the endorsers. Saif came to understand that he is traveling at sinking ship and to play safe, he has dropped his price.

Afraid of loosing the ad to a new guy, Saif has
dropped his fee for General Motors ad. He has also plunged his fees for other ads which he has been endorsing for a long time. He offered the same price to Lenovo also. The actor, who earlier demanded an astounding price of Rs 3 crore for endorsements is struggling to remain at the same price level of his beau Kareena Kapoor.

Really, newcomers have become a fear factor for the old and established actors.