Saheb Biwi Aur Ganster Returns: Fresh and Crispy!

This is the much awaited sequel to the much acclaimed ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster’ that came out some time ago. Timangshu Dhulia has once again delved deep into the mysterious characters, who sometimes come to us in a bizarre sort of a way. Each of them is torn between their real life and the life which they actually want to lead. The movie binds us with a passion that rises from within oneself and poisons everybody with its self destructive self. The characters are all abandoned by people around them and the only avenue of escape is to enter the loopy world of politics.

The film stars Jimmy Shergill as Saheb, Mahi Gill as Biwi and Irrfan Khan as the Gangster. The actors have yet again proven their immense talent on screen. With Irrfan and his ‘Ghamasan Hogi’ is enough to hold our seats and watch the screen with immense intensity. It gives us the image of people in hold of immense power and has somehow lost a grip on life. The characters are always torn between their desires and hatred and this takes tune into their lives. just like the first film, the second film has series of people fulfilling their desires every now and then. This film too ends with a very shocking death that leaves us taken aback.

Jimmy Shergill plays the role of the Saheb. His intense frustration towards life is evident since the time he is first shown on screen. He is bound to his wheelchair. Mahi Gill or his Biwi, stuns everyone yet again with her alluring and charismatic appearance. She sets a different mood altogether. However, unlike the first film, the sequel shows her in a much bolder form who can manipulate people and make them dance to her tune. Soha Ali Khan gives a striking contrast to Mahi. She is the sweet bride and this gives a vivid balance to the script.

Now comes the best and the most interesting character. Yes, it’s our own Gangster, Irrfan. Timangshu has picked him up right after ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ and its various acclaims. Out here he is Raja Bhaiya. A very outlandish and sophisticated fellow, his role is pivotal in the entire length of the film.

The movie has come out on nearly all the multiplexes. It is going low as the exams are on the high. However, since the script is catchy and the characters are full on, for me, it is worth a watch.