Saakshi prefers playing spunky widow in 'Kahaani...'

Popular small screen actress Saakshi Tanwar has started enjoying playing a widow in STAR Plus' long running series "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii" because her character Parvati has acquired more spunk.

"I must admit playing Parvati has become a lot more fun ever since the character became a widow. Earlier Parvati was submissive and docile, always eager to please everyone. But now she isn't willing to take anything lying down," Saakshi told IANS.

"Parvati has acquired spunk. I like that because I'm quite a spirited girl myself, though everyone perceives me as otherwise."

The actress says that Ekta Kapoor's soap keeps her so busy that she can't think of taking up other assignments.

"There's no time to do anything except 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii'. I only shoot for the first part of the month. Then I take 10-12 days off each month, just to chill. I go on a holiday to my family in Rajasthan or abroad. I stopped shooting every day after I had a fatigue attack some months ago."

Saakshi says it wasn't as serious as it was made out to be in the media.

"It happened just once. It was written about so many times in the media that it seemed to have happened several times over. I was quoted in print about my health when in fact I hadn't spoken to any member of the press about it."

The actress is a diehard Ekta Kapoor loyalist.

"People who badmouth her don't know Ekta. She's so caring about everyone. Once my departure for a shoot abroad was delayed due to some personal problems, Ekta urged me to leave and took charge of my problem.

"People ask if I get paid well by answer to that is very simple. Today my bank balance is a lot more comfortable than earlier when I was a struggling actress. Ekta picked me up from nowhere and selected me to play this pivotal role. I owe her my entire career," she said.