S P Balasubrahmanyam tested negative for Covid-19, still on life support

Noted Singer S P Balasubrahmanyam has been tested negative for coronavirus but still on life support. The 74-year-old actor is undergoing treatment in a Chennai hospital. He continues to be on ventilator.

The singer "has started oral food intake and has been practicing physiotherapy," said his son, producer-director S P Charan, in a video message on Saturday. 

His son said, "Appa continues to be stable. He continues to be on ventilator. All his other parameters are normal, there's no infection. His saturation levels are good, all of that looks fine. There's still some improvement needed in his lungs, his breathing and his strength. He is doing physiotherapy; he is able to sit up."

"The doctors are helping him with sit-ups for a while, around 15-20 minutes almost every other day. He does physio for 10-15 minutes; it is a task but he is making an effort because of all the love and prayers that you all have been giving. We should not forget to mention the team of doctors, the team of nurses at the MGM Healthcare who have been very supportive of my father and the family. He has started oral food intake. He has started since yesterday (Friday). So that should help him grow stronger and should take care of his vitals also," he added in the clip.

Here's wishing the singer a speedy recovery!