Russel Peters comments badly about Aishwarya

As everyone says about Russel Peters, that if and when he opens his mouth someone will definitely get hurt and it will have a real bad effect. Recently, this Canadian comedian has started making fun of Bollywood and ridiculing Hindi cinema at large. He has further improvised his Indian comic traits by making fun many celebrities. Thus, his sudden strange behavior has upset everyone in the fraternity in the Indian film industry.

According to him, renowned actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she is only a good looking lady and not a great actor. He further stretched, and even commented about her personal affair. When the entire country is celebrating the news of Big B’s about to be grand-fatherhood, he sadistically commented and congratulated Avishek for outwitting her and making her expectant. This is not only strange but also talks about his uncouth behavior.  

About the Hindi films he says that these Bollywood films are disgusting and cannot be watched. He feels that he cannot sit through it, but he even tried once with “Singh is king” but failed to complete it. He was compelled to change the channel it is so bad. He further said that all Bollywood films are garbage and just terrible so if the film makers do not make something real he cannot watch such movies.

 And after hating the films, he didn’t bother to spare the actors of this industry. He said that these bollywood actors are just good looking faces and only few can like, like Anupam Kher can really act. Since not a single director knows about film making properly he just cannot stand these strange acts on screen.

He even spoke to Prannoy Roy on this issue and said that, since he thinks that in bollywood no one can act, as they are lack of and they are just pretty face so he can make fun of them. He even said that without the hindi film industry about whom he will make fun off.

He then talked about the Tamil films and said that, he was never into hockey and his upcoming film also details about his behavior.

Finally about Sidhu and his comic relief acts and laughter shows, he commented that Sidhu has no reason to laugh in his own show and behave awkwardly.

His reasons for attacking the Indian films and Indian celebrities are yet not clear, but he has hurt everyone with his absurd comments.