Rumours of Saif Ali Khan and Rosa having constant fights

Saif Ali Khan and Rosa’s relationship has constantly been dogged by rumours of a split. The couple have been seeing each other since two years now and have also talked about tying the knot soon. Saif who has been previously married also has two kids. Recently according to sources Saif and Rosa have been having constant bitter fights, but Rosa tries to clear the air claiming that all’s well between them. There were rumours earlier too that Saif was not happy with Rosa seeking a career in the glamour world, but Rosa is determined to carve a niche for herself and do something substantial with her life.
Recently the couple brought in New Years in Switzerland with Saif’s two kids. Sources claim that the fights began at this time; sources say “this time the fights are really bad and they are having some serious problems.” However Rosa completely denies any truth to these rumours, she remains unaffected by them and claims that they no longer upset her. She says “It’s not easy to break away from a relationship just like that.” Recently the couple were invited to be guests on the second season of Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan and they had accepted. But supposedly due to their personal differences, the couple backed out at the last moment. But Rosa claims that after much deliberation they decided that it would be better for Saif to go alone and speak about his work only.

However Rosa is a spirited young woman and claims “I am trying to find my own identity right now, that’s important for me. I didn’t come to India just to be somebody’s girlfriend and hang out just like that. I cannot let myself go to waste by doing nothing.” Currently Rosa is trying to get a foothold in the glamour industry and she will be doing a talk show soon. She is also learning yoga to be an instructor. She also spends time working with various NGO’s. Although Rosa admits that Saif is busy with his career, she claims that there are no ego hassles between them and they are both concentrating on their professional lives.