Rumours of Kareena Kapoor being out of work in the film industry

Kareena Kapoor comes from the famous Kapoor family who has been in films for the last few decades. She is the daughter of actor Randhir Kapoor and actress Babita and even her sister Karisma Kapur has long since carved a niche for herself in bollywood. Kareena or Bebo as she is fondly called made a striking bollywood debut in a performance oriented role opposite top star Abhishek Bachchan in Refugee. The actress since then has done plenty of films, unfortunately though she has never really had a solo hit film to her credit. Nonetheless in spite of not delivering any hits, Kareena was always considered as an actress in the top league. However recently the actress supposedly took a self imposed break and has not done any films for the last year.
However according to sources Kareena gives a lot of attitude to even top filmmakers and hence gradually producers and directors are shying away from casting Bebo in their films. Recently Kareena has been replaced in several of the films that she had on hand. Kareena was to do a film ‘Kismet Talkies’ with Hrithik Roshan; however Hrithik refused to work with her due to his personal reasons. Kareena also walked out of Harry Baweja’s film ‘Love Story 2050’ as she wanted to do Ramgopal Varma’s ambitious project ‘Time Machine’ opposite Shahrukh Khan but unfortunately Ramgopal scrapped that project. Kareena was also not on talking terms with director Karan Johar after Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, but recently they made up and the director has promised to work with Bebo once again. Hence Kareena was to star in Karan Johar produced film opposite Abhishek Bachchan. But again to her bad luck, this time too the director Tarun and producer Karan were in a tight spot as Abhishek did not want to work with Bebo as he did not want to be associated with any family members related to ex-fiancée Karisma Kapoor. However in the end bollywood is a place where actors dominate and hence Kareena was replaced with none other than Aishwarya Rai.

Apart from these projects, Kareena was also supposed to do filmmaker Shyam Benegal’s ‘Chamki Chameli’ but again due to some differences she was replaced. Another ambitious project for Kareena was Mani Ratnam’s Lajjo where Kareena was to star opposite Aamir Khan. But this one too has been postponed indefinitely due to differences between Mani and Aamir. Kareena was last seen in an item number opposite SRK in Don and now she has recently done another item number in the film Kya Love Story Hai. But Kareena is adamant that this is just a temporary lull in her career, she says “I am Kareena Kapoor and I know that even if I sit home for a year, I will get work.” When confronted with all her failed projects, Bebo said “How can you talk about me as if I am some has been. I am Kareena Kapoor” Well the actress still has a lot of spunk in her and there is no doubt she will move pass this temporary phase in her career and will soon be back in the top league of actresses.