Rumours of a showdown between Yash Chopra and son Aditya Chopra

On the surface everything seems to be running smoothly for Yash Raj productions, in fact there is a lot of excitement with the recent tie up between the production house and Walt Disney to make animation feature films. However insiders claim that there has been personal trouble brewing between father Yash Chopra and son Aditya Chopra for quite some time now. The trouble between the father-son duo is due to Adi’s impending divorce from his separated wife Payal. She is the daughter of the Chopra’s close family friends and papa Chopra seems against the idea of Adi divorcing her. Meanwhile it is rumoured that Aditya and actress Rani Mukherjee who have been seeing each other for some time now have secretly got engaged .
Over the years, the Yash Chopra production house has grown in stature and it is due to son Aditya’s foresight and business acumen. Both father Yash Chopra and son Adi do maintain a professional and cordial relation whilst working. But personally the father-son duo has had several showdowns and now are not even on talking terms. Father Yash seems to be extremely fond of Adi’s estranged wife Payal and has even warned Adi that he will disinherit him from the prestigious Yash Raj name if he carries on with the divorce proceedings. Nonetheless, son Aditya seems keen on going ahead with his divorce and sources claim that the reason for his divorce is his growing relationship with actress Rani Mukherjee. Pamela Chopra, wife of Yash Chopra says “If he has chosen to marry Rani, we have absolutely no problem, we will welcome whoever he gets home. We are fond of Rani, as she is a sweet girl and I am also close to her mother.”

However Yash Chopra’s wife claims that none of the rumours circulating regarding Adi and Rani’s engagement or those of a rift between father-son are even true. Of the engagement between Rani and Aditya, Pamela says “It’s absolute nonsense, at least it’s not happened at the Chopra house.” Also regarding the father son-bond, Pamela maintains “Their love for each other is so strong that nothing can come between them. Adi will do anything for his father and vice-versa.” The lady of the house claims that Rani and Aditya were first linked together after they began to work together in the film Veer-Zara and since then the two have done many films together and hence the rumours have grown stronger.

Well, although this is a personal matter for the Chopras, everyone including the bollywood industry is speculating about the future of Yash Raj Films if Aditya Chopra gets disinherited. Will Adi start his own personal empire perhaps in direct competition to his father’s company? Will the film industry accept Adi without the support and backing of his father Yash Chopra? All this remains to be seen during the coming few months and it remains a crucial time for the Yash Chopra production house. After their last film Tara Rum Pum received a luke warm response, even their recent film Jhoom Barabar Jhoom seems to have got a lot of flak from critics as well as at the box-office.