Rumours claim Salman-Katrina have split

In bollywood, where relationships are extremely fragile one more couple seems to be on the verge of a split. Salman Khan and his ladylove Katrina Kaif have been having problems for quite some time. It seems that Katrina is fed up with Salman’s over possessiveness. Salman on his part is upset with Katrina making her own career decisions without even consulting him.
Recent rumours claim that Salman and Katrina are headed for splitsville. According to sources, trouble began between the two earlier in the year when Salman had his birthday bash at his farmhouse in Panvel. Katz was not too happy when Sallu started drinking too much, however when she tried to stop him, he rudely pushed her aside. Salman has a past history of being violent and over possessive with his ex- girlfriends. Salman is also not happy that Katrina has signed quite a few films opposite actor Akshay Kumar. Katz and Akki have a good on-screen chemistry and there have also been rumours about the two of them. Salman was also not aware that Katrina was working with Akki in Singh is King. When he called her up in Australia during the shooting of the film, and questioned her, he was extremely hurt that she had not bothered to tell him. Katrina is on a long shooting schedule in Australia for Singh is King. Salman was also not happy with the promos of Welcome which again has Katz and Akki together. Salman called up producer Firoz Nadiadwala to tell him that he was not happy to see Katrina gyrating in short clothes.

Nadiadwala later told Katrina about Sallu’s call and she was very upset and embarrassed by this, she immediately apologized to Nadiadwala and assured him that he need not make any changes to the promos as she was happy with whatever she had worn. Producer Nadiadwala said “The promos of Welcome have not been altered. We are independent producers who do not give in to pressure.” Salman is also not happy that Katz agreed to do Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film opposite Shahid Kapur as he is not on friendly terms with the latter. Salman even went so far as to tell Santoshi to drop Shahid from the film. Salman is upset as Katrina has started making her own career decisions without consulting him. On her part Katrina is tired of Sallu’s demanding ways, when asked about Salman telling Santoshi to drop Shahid from the film; she said “Salman is not the director of the film”. However when questioned whether she and Salman were still together, she refused to comment on her personal life as always.

However friends of the couple claim “Yes, Salman and Katrina are having problems but they’ll sort it out. They have been having fights like all couples do, but it’s not got serious enough for them to call it quits.” Well only time will tell, if Sallu and Katz have called it quits.