Rumours claim Amrita Rao one of the reasons for Shahid-Kareena split

The Shahid-Kareena split has been constantly fuelled by strong rumours of Kareena’s closeness to Saif . However now there seems to be another twist to this break-up, it seems that Shahid’s co-star of a few films Amrita Rao has been a bone of contention in the couple’s relationship for some time now. Kareena suspected Shahid and Amrita had got extremely close during the shooting for their film Vivaah and that’s just one of the reasons that drove a wedge between the couple. Later Kareena herself began getting extremely close to actor Saif Ali Khan. So it seems apart from Saif, now Amrita Rao too was one of the reasons that drove the couple apart.
Shahid Kapur began his career opposite co-star Amrita Rao and the couple’s on-screen chemistry was said to be quite good. He has gone on to do a few other films like Vivaah with Amrita. However a source claims “one day while shooting for Vivaah, Kareena dropped by the sets to surprise Shahid, unfortunately though she was not very happy when she saw Amrita Rao coming out from Shahid’s trailer van. Kareena began to have doubts at the time about Shahid and Amrita’s proximity, but she decided to let go of it and put on a brave front. However recently her doubts have been further fuelled by the fact that Amrita has bought a new home close to Shahid’s place.” It seems that this is one of the reasons that drove Shahid and Kareena apart. Meanwhile Kareena too has been getting extremely close to Saif Ali Khan, the two have been spotted together on several occasions, dining together, Saif going by to pick Kareena after shoots etc.

Recently sources claim that Kareena and Saif have even gone off for a short trip to Goa along with good friends Amrita Arora and her boyfriend Usman Afzal. The source claims “Kareena and Saif were seated in the executive class on the flight. Everybody kept looking at them, but both remained oblivious of the prying eyes. They were enjoying each others company. Both of them were not shy of showing their affection for each other.” Sources also claim that Saif Ali Khan has been gifting Bebo lavish gifts like the new red E 90 communicator mobile that he recently gifted her. However it seems that neither Shahid nor Kareena intend to clear the air regarding the reasons for their split. Kareena simply states that she and Shahid have recently decided that they won’t divulge what is happening in their personal lives. She says “We have made it a rule not to discuss our private lives, and people should respect our privacy.” Shahid-Kareena however have always been quite forthright about their relationship when they began dating, but Kareena further adds “I won’t talk about my personal life and Shahid too has taken this decision.” Sources do however manage to reveal that Shahid and Kareena had a big showdown at a friends place recently. The two stars fought like crazy over various things like Amrita’s closeness to Shahid, Saif’s closeness to Kareena etc.

Shahid has been unavailable for any comment as he has kept himself homebound of late. Meanwhile Amrita Rao too was not available for any comment regarding her role in the Kareena-Shahid split.