Ruckus at dancer Sapna Choudhary’s show in Kanpur

Popular Haryanvi singer and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sapna Choudhary’s show in Kanpur had to be stopped mid-way after crowd went berserk. To control the crowd, police even resorted to lathicharge.

Crowd was under control in her first and second performances but things went out of control in her third number and the crazy crowd vandalised property at Brijendra Swaroop Park, where the show was organised. There was a huge clash with security personnel’s and the crowd.

Organisers came forward to calm down the crowd but they started pelting stones at them and created huge disturbance. The management also even tried their level best to stop the crowd but they did not pay any heed.

ANI tweeted #Kanpur: Ruckus at dancer Sapna Choudhary's show held at Brijendra Swaroop Park, after some people who could not enter the venue clashed with security personnel & vandalized property. (11.02.2018)

After a pause, when Sapna started her performance on a famous song, crowd started to hoot. She even had to appeal to the public to maintain calm. Somehow, the organisers managed to make Sapna leave the venue safely.

Many people were injured while trying to leave the venue in hurry.

Haryana's dancing sensation Sapna Choudhary was also part of ‘Bigg Boss 11’.