Rubina Dilaik denies planning a baby with Abhinav Shukla

Actress and ‘Bigg Boss’ winner Rubina Dilaik dismissed the rumour of planning a baby with husband Abhinav Shukla anytime soon. The couple tied the knot in 2018 but they want some more time to know each other. They celebrated their third wedding anniversary recently and clarified that they are not thinking of starting a family as of now.

“Right now we are not thinking of starting a family. Right now we want to think about both of us first. We have always believed in this idea of enjoying every phase, enjoying to the fullest. We don’t want to rush into anything,” the actress said.

Rubina added that parenting is a huge responsibility they want some more time to know each other well. “Bringing a child into this world, in your life is a great responsibility and it has to be very well understood by both the parents. Luckily, we don’t have pressures from our families, we are not rushing that it is the right age and we should do it, no there isn’t. We would rather want to have and cherish a life coming into our existence and bring it up with all our mindfulness and intention. And for that we need to spend more time with each other and know each other so well that when the time comes we are not bogged down, we rather enjoy and cherish it,” Rubina said

After being in a courtship for two years, Rubina and Abhinav tied the knot in 2018 at the famous Woodville Palace of Shimla.