Jewellery worth Rs 80 lakh stolen from Aamir Khan’s home

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s relative lodged a complaint at the Khar police station late last week after jewellery worth Rs 80-lakh got missing from the star’s residence. Last week, Kiran discovered that a ring and an expensive diamond necklace worth Rs 80 lakh was missing from her bedroom.

Following the complaint, the police have registered  a FIR under Section 453 (theft in dwelling house, etc) of the Indian Penal Code. 

"As per the complaint filed by Kiran's father, a diamond ring and a necklace collectively worth Rs 80 lakh have gone missing from her apartment," the official said.

Aamir Khan lives with his wife Kiran and son Azad in an apartment on Carter Road.

According to the relative’s statement, Kiran last week discovered that a ring and a diamond necklace were missing from her bedroom.

The case could not be learnt in details as Khar police station officials refused to divulge anything. A senior officer involved in the investigation confirmed on the developments, on the condition of anonymity.

According to sources, the police are considering the domestic help as their prime suspects and have been grilling the three of them over the last five days. Each day, in the morning the three are being picked up and only let them off late in the evening

The sources further said that while questioning the police officers are not exactly mentioning about the missing items to the suspects.

The three being questioned have been identified as: the household cook Farzana, Rao’s assistant Suzanna, and domestic help Jhumki. They are being questioned at Khar police station everyday from morning to evening.

The police have also visited the homes of the three in search of the missing necklace and ring but no solid leads have been found yet.