Romance of Sid and Dips, To Be or Not To Be

The only son of Vijay Mallya a business tycoon, Siddharth Mallya is said to have an ardent affair with the brand ambassador of the IPL team of the Bangalore Royal Challengers Deepika Padukone. Deepika of the Om Shanti Om fame a successful model turned actress took to an intimate friendship with the UB group owner’s son. Deepika had denied any relationship and said that she was with him as the Brand Ambassador and there seemed to a good friend relation only.

This romantic story took centre stage at a time when Deepika sought comfort from Siddharth after the break up with Ranbir. The two good friends were spotted by the media laughing and joking however they both had at a point of time denied an intimate relation. However the media having shown enough patience declared them a couple after getting a positive body language response as being considered the most romantic pair for the year 2011.

This Copenhagen dusky beauty was born into a famous badminton player’s house and moved to Karnataka to lead a successful life as an actor. Siddharth too born as the son of a very successful business man had great social responsibility for himself too. She has an association with Kingfisher from the time she won the Model of the Year in their fifth annual Kingfisher Fashion Awards. Public opinion was that this couple would form a great pair. During her Birthday last year Siddharth is said to have planned a birthday bash which made Deepika so happy that the sizzling beauty of Bollywood even went into the extent of kissing him publicly. She is bold and expressive and will not declare a relationship unless she thinks its time to announce. 31st night was planned at London away from the roving eyes of the Indian media. After having a good friendship Siddhartha has decided to flag off his banner for his own production house. The inspiration for his project, which will come into being in the year 2012, is Deepika.

Siddharth Mallya is very fond of films and is looking forward to extending the family empire to this production house. At this point also people were sure that the following year they would announce their relationship which they would agree is a little more than friendship. But looks like there is more drama in store before one decides if this friendship is going to turn out to be a more serious relation. Yes and although the graph is not constant there are a few ups and downs. Yet if both are very passionate and are looking forward to binding their relation no power on earth can stop it. Time is precious and the world is waiting for them to go public and want this speculation time to get over.

However with 2011 there is already a rumour of their break up. Friends are of the idea that things will soon be sorted out very soon. Don’t know what is coming their way for everyone from the media to cinema goers all are really interested to know about the personal life of all these public figures. The most talked of couple of 2011 seems to sing Key Sara Sara, What Ever Will Be Will BE.