Rohit Dhawan to get married with his childhood friend

David Dhawan’s son Rohit Dhawan has got two reasons to become happy. First, his directional debut ‘Desi Boyz’ is garnering good money at the box-office and second big reason is that he is getting married next year in February.

Speaking shyly on the impending wedding Rohit says, "I am getting married in February. But right now, my entire focus is on the box office collections of Desi Boyz. So I've put wedding plans on the backburner."

So, who is the lucky one?  Giving a glance of his would be life partner, Rohit reveals, "She has absolutely no connection wth the film industry, and that's a blessing. With all of us at home constantly talking cinema, I need a window to the outside world. Her name is Jaanvi and I've known her for seven years. I wouldn't exactly call her a childhood sweetheart. During the time we've been together, we've gradually come to realise that we were meant to spend our lives together."

Rohit wants the wedding to be a close affair with close friends and relatives.