‘Rocky Handsome’ unveils graphic poster of angry John Abraham

Almost a week ahead of its release, the makers of John Abraham starrer ‘Rocky Handsome’ have unveiled a new poster of the action thriller. However, unlike the regular movie posters one gets to see these days, the new poster has employed graphic design.   

The poster is in tone with the genre of the movie and is dark. There is a graphic image of a person with an angry and intense look pointing a revolver. Although the film stars John in the titular role, the graphic figure, at first glance, doesn’t seem to be that of the actor. Only a closer examination of the image reveals some resemblance with that of John.

The word ‘Rocky’ appears to be carved out on a hill in the backdrop and the word ‘Handome’ is written beneath the image. The poster comes with a tagline, ‘The real heroes are from within’. Overall, the poster is impressive and a visual treat. The makers have indeed done a great experiment with a new kind of poster.

‘Rocky Handsome’ is said to be high on action as well as heart tugging emotions since it revolves around a seven year old child who is kidnapped, and a man who embarks on a lethal rampage to get back the only person he ever cared about. The movie is a loose adaption of 2010 Korean film ‘The Man from Nowhere’ and is set in Goa, Mumbai, Pune and Seychelles.

Directed by Nishikanth Kamat of ‘Badlapur’ fame, the movie stars Shruti Haasan opposite John. Child artiste Diya Chalwad plays the role of the seven-year-old girl while Nathalia Kaur plays her mother. Actor Imran Khan also has a special appearance in the film.

Co-produced by John Abraham and Sunir Khetrapal, 'Rocky Handsome' is set to release on March 25.