Riya Sen, Koena Mitra and Tanushree Dutta caught in a fracas

Bengali beauties Riya Sen and Koena Mitra are working together in Subhash Ghai’s film Apna Sapna Money Money. However as usual when two beautiful actresses are in one film, there is bound to be a clash of egos and catfights. According to sources from the film, Koena and Riya too don’t see eye to eye on many occasions. The sources also claim that Koena suddenly started developing an inferiority complex and in a fit of jealousy started spreading rumours on the sets that Riya has had a face lift. It was also claimed that Riya too later made allegation of Koena herself having a face-lift.
However according to director of the film, Sangeth Sivan, Koena herself was looking different after a hiatus from the shooting schedule. At the music launch of Ghai’s film Shaadi Se Pehle, both actresses were present for the event. Director Sivan says “I did ask Koena what she had done to her face, as she was looking different from the last time I saw her. But Koena said that as she had extracted a tooth, her face was swollen.” However the director claimed that rumours were doing the rounds of the sets, that she had a face lift. Riya on her part refused to state whether she and Koena were friends or if they had a cordial relationship with each other. Riya states “My face is my fortune and I wouldn’t do anything to it even if I were given a billion dollars. If Koena is spreading rumours that I have had a face-lift it speaks volumes about her insecurity.”

However Koena Mitra on her part says “It is Riya who is going around maligning me and talking against me. I don’t know what her problem is, or why she is doing this, but I have nothing against her. Riya is a very sweet and pretty girl. I know she’s been telling people that I am saying that she’s had plastic surgery, but that’s totally untrue. Why would I say something like that?” On the issue of undergoing plastic surgery, Koena claims that she will consider it as a compliment that people think she has undergone surgery to look good, because it is her complete natural look.

The next day Riya sent Koena an SMS saying that she thought Koena was spreading rumours about her having a face lift, but later she got to know that it was Tanushree Datta who was responsible for the rumours. However Tanushree who is busy shooting for Vikram Bhatt’s Risk says “I don’t know why my name has unnecessarily got dragged into this ongoing controversy.” Tanushree claims that she and Riya were friends earlier on and would hang out together and even party together, but she stopped speaking to Riya about six months back. Tanushree claims that the reason she stopped talking to her was because she found out that Riya was talking badly about her to common friends, colleagues, producers and even journalists. Adds Tanushree “The day I got proof of her talking behind my back, I just decided to completely cut her off from my life. I did not confront Riya as there is no point, it will have no impact on her and she will just go back to her nasty ways.”

Tanushree claims that Koena sent her Riya’s message at 3 am in the morning, she claims that she is very upset with Riya’s message and appalled as Riya has unknowingly put the blame onto her. She has also confirmed that Koena and she have spoken on the issue at hand.

Why such beautiful and talented actresses need to resort to such back biting and bitching, nobody knows, is it their egos and insecurities that make them take such drastic steps? According to most people these rumours of the face-lift are merely fabricated lies and the actresses are just using the publicity to keep themselves in the lime light. However according to another report Koena Mitra is planning on suing a certain section of the media for falsely reporting that she has undergone plastic surgery.

According to us both actresses need to grow up if they want to continue to be a part of bollywood.